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Rummes Sar/Wister -#425I


<.::||I|.:.C.>ONTAIN!!!M?U~CH>>> -#421K



The Finest Literature, The Closest to Silence










The transition away from the use of Dominion... Drives on the right #ReadymadePoetry








ISIS pay scale revealed: Documents show salaries based on number of wives, sex slaves #ReadymadePoetry


[Emergency bulletins] arousal during sleep #ReadymadePoetry


I can't take you to space but I can give you some space.










Rummes Sar/Wister




People with 3 names are such posers. #ReadymadePoetry


"Let's visit the Eiffel Tower before its replaced by a mosque."






Eind Mnterprises


Tires screech, engine turns off #ReadymadePoetry












"The Louvre is boring. I'd prefer an exhibit on Trump architecture."


The sins will be mismanaged.




I'm the Deadman. You're the Executor... of The Will.


The universe is the dirt under your fingernails.


must be too stupid to find a living artist #ReadymadePoetry


Over death, a man loves.






College Students Demand You Pay For Their Worthless Degrees #ReadymadePoetry


promptly returned to him #ReadymadePoetry






I create fine literature; By typeface, I create real estate.






The first client is always the landlord; Every client is always the landlord's.




nobody else around to help save her #ReadymadePoetry












Writing in halftweets.












This fruit is being threatened by a fast-spreading disease. #ReadymadePoetry


"We need to make Montreal the next Paris!" "Jihad friendly?"


Have you ever seen a "tomorrow"? Have you ever seen a "yesterday"? No, a today is a today.


refusing sexual jihad #ReadymadePoetry






I learned everything about money from trying to buy a bike in Pokemon, that cost an amount of money that is impossible to earn.








The plastic Bible; On the fire.


"Fuck your money. I don't have a financial issue, I have a client issue. Where are my goddamn clients?"








xonerated cufflinks; backstreet xeno comptroller


Red armchair; A vastness of books unread; The so-called "library".


Every month of my life I intend a sense of closure; The closure not had, I reach closure with even such.


267 months old; Orangesque Bold Suit


"I'm a sorcerer only because I use sorcery as far as that I am a programmer only because I use a computer."














"Why do you do everything with your wife?" "Because she's... my wife?"


YKI: Golden space.


"Why can't I pick the restaurant?" "Because everything you do is shit, you will make me eat shit. That's why."


If I don't pick the restaurant, I don't eat. I don't arrive.


wrote to his wife to bring a hatchet when she sailed to join them as they had forgotten to bring any #ReadymadePoetry


In the amazing time, I wish you a mean day.


Last minute decision; Joining in.


"I don't need science. Science hasn't ever made any money. Serious money." "Religion is money."




A storm. This has not reached definition yet; Perhaps it will one day.


Put your tires into the Sun; Put your desires into the Sun.


Train highest speed; In reverse; Disassembling; Disassembled; Still whistling; Roaring through all skylines; Can a Tao win a race?


Unsafe at any speed any_speed anyspeed}}}


Snowglobes filled with Maplesyrup


Anticelebrity of the ZList.


ANTIapocalypse REVERSEapocalypse INVERTED song




I hope somebody wise has once said that a fight won is no fight at all.


Herself her_self: self of her


Needs to improveimprove needs to too tutu


None that I don't don't don't know of


Mystery scratches; Scratches mystery


Fall Harder, Thompson




please call us toll toll toll free


I'm not a manager. I'm not a president. My work doesn't encompass such. I'm a tree with old signs nailed to it; Rust abound. I'm a Chairman.


Pink Straw; Celestial Pyramid; Refurbished Giza; Darksky; Only Shooting Stars.




Not polite: Well-mannered.


I don't properly brush my hair: I scrub it. I curate all the strands for strength.


"Doom." ? "DOOM" ? "O DOM MOD OM OD" FIN


"She's desperate." ~ "Why do you judge her?" ~ "Why do you judge desperation?" FIN


Damned do; Damned don't; Doing, racing through absolute apocalypse.






&^& : Two meditate on the mountainside






Hate is such a charged, religious term.


Believing consciousness is separate from everything "real" is the greatest cult to date.




The primordial, spiritual definition of SURREALISM & its CHURCH is protection of the unconscious mind through its display.


Church of Surrealism: ANY art is to be displayed; ANY art is to be vandalized; ANY art is to be destroyed; ANY art is to be protected.


"If we are a bridge, I have already fallen in your polluted river; The bridge your neglected dreams."


"How do we bridge?" "We resolutely do not. Two towers or one mass grave."


"No, I'm not married to my father."




The Tao wails in the highest pitch; A death so pure you can hear a pink, floral kettle boiling. Cookies small; For a child.


What was once seen as a beaming young monk of the Vedas; Turned into a mere burlap, obsidian shroud. Made in USSR. A riflebutt to the teeth.


I am not your son. I can only be your father. The former is your house inherently on fire.


Old men who seek to mold young men haven't had sex in a long time.


You have nothing to teach; For even if you did, I would so cripple your foundations, you would only be looking at a broken mirror.


"I... teach... you." "Uh... Uh... No."


"I can take you under my wing!" "Your wing smells like old cheese."


"The way to attract mentors is to eat their shit & drink their old, stale coffee that has been in the pot for a few days; Perhaps a week."


"I really don't care about your seniority & 'experience'. Why? It has taught you to eat shit & now you're trying to teach me to eat shit."


"No, I won't work like you... Yes, I can say that. Yes, I am that."


"I have waited looong; Have you waited looong?" "...Length?"


Feeding on your embrace; Till smug boundary~ comes


Mars, The Scathing Ram; POINTFINAL.


Show me a Tao that speaks and I'll show you the final holocaust.


Moose; Antlers on fire; So hot-; So hot-; Bores through the skull; Buddha eyes; The Tao non-echoing eternally. HAS A TAO EVER SPOKEN!


For the bureaucrat, exceptions guilty sometimes. For the governor, all guilty until whims denote.


You're striped; Upon the highest waist.


God stands. He's a clay man in a bar, yeah.


"That's cheating." "You're retarded."


I eat trauma for breakfast




You're richer than you thinkThink richer than you are


Earn cash. It's that simple. #ReadymadePoetry


I wanted to help; S/he put her cigarette in candy; Boiling candy on my face; Scars of sugar.




Anything below a 1000 units is never a debt~


I have just been informed my literature may cause an undue fear of white people.


Montrealer: "Factually, Anglophone, Anglo-Saxon culture is defined by the agents of The Matrix." American: "..."


"Factually, free enterprise helps poor people; Factually, governmental fines help poor people."


In Europe we only let adulterers win. #ReadymadePoetry


Art is real estate, and not in the mickey mouse bullshit sense.


"It's the late 21st Century and it's a goddamn shame the world's best selling author doesn't even spell correctly."


Fully rightfully wrong


I miss her because she Mrs.




cuts beautifully and causes bleeding, but its blade is easily nicked #ReadymadePoetry


kidssthemselvessseriouslyy them kids taking serious selves




If you do not work at all, SUCCESSFULLY call it "hard work", you'll be CEO in a month.


Give an employer hard work for a minute, he'll require the same for the rest of your life


You're not just naked, you're exposed






"This is not a restaurant." "Then this is not my home."


I won't let you sleep; She falls asleep in my arms.


I won't travel anywhere that has shit food; It's a fact. It's such a fact that I will fast & use starvation as an escape pod.


Meeting people is not a formality unless you debase yourself as a social prostitute. Which everyone is at the moment.


Our faces are not a reward that we share with you gratefully. We take leisure time for granted. Your working hours are not the means & ends.


You have this foolish idea that we have a nice, friendly face for you; & an ugly, deformed, wageslave face in the back. My face is Poetry.


A black rectangle in the corner of a vast skyblue; Your sky is mine & only mine.




Arts Cafe; Tsar Face.


Zion to pray; Pray to Zion.


Snow Maple; & I will pay. The YYoung girl speaking in tongues.




"Perpetuate our ways." "No." "Please." "..."


Worthless thought consumed as sustenance; Poisonous thought sold as luxury.


The random events made it even more fun; The fun events made it even more random.


Aaudi Srabia strips arresting police of religious power


Wave goodbye to all normality; Wave. Good. Bye. !!!


I broke my baby doll in 2; So that I may be 1.


I am The Uncourtable Woman as I am a man that ever-so barely courts and is only courted by happenstance of Stirner's Union of Egoists.


Maleness is simply war, elimination of what contends over its domain; My maleness informs what I neglect so I may care for it; Female wins.


I am male in that I am capable of anger & abuse; But I "neglect" this as far as I let it burn, enrage without direction, reward.


As biological male, my body attaches itself especially within its mental hardware; Aware of this, I detach myself & choose my gender atwill.


An uncourtable woman is what men want to be but never can be so long as they cling to so-called "man".


WWay is WWay-of is WWill is JJoy is DDay is UUnity is AAlways


I fought the law. The law one.


||~|| : A bridge over water, the top veiled by sunlight.


Work is a confused dilation of time


MMM : Three suits


Everyday is SaturWednesday.


Highghlight; Notlighght




Help is on the way if you consider yourself the help.




A spouse saying, "All by myself."


the moment but nothing




musk; nonstructure; whitewall; hysterical laughter; no ceiling; facades; "No ceiling, courtroom vacant, prole."


bog afterimage; oceanic fabric; dissolved


Dunsinane's Eden; Append "New" many times.


prolonged fishing spear undercover


usury her


My affection; I don't. Know. When high. Hand high. Leave. Learn. It's a point in your pocket; Ache in bed.


Hit to the night; Want. To. Stop ahhh.


Surrounded by the night; I don't know when; rarahh rave raven.


The secret police had already betrayed him, or they would have crushed the demonstration in cold blood. #ReadymadePoetry




ANGLOOsaxonnOFFICIALL||juudiciaal |||


"LEASE NOW." "no."




Everybody who loves A COPY; words should own


Took C(h)ime


A giant color palette hung above an unlit fireplace.


Would have bought him a drink but it was a working day for me. #ReadymadePoetry


Do you have to be lesbian to play roller derby? #ReadymadePoetry


The driver drove for a bit #ReadymadePoetry


Go ad-free; Goad-free.




You gotta give real lines till the end~~






Poured Banda












The concept of Week, Weekday, Weekend are now banned in my home. Goodnight. Goodday.


Seeing the 7 days of the week as 7 seasons, entangles the month in a mist of stupor.


Your diet is defined over the course of a month; The amount of weight you gain can only be consistently defined over a year.


Meditation is founded on releasing the month; Complete meditation is releasing the entire day; Until the day is forever.


The sad martyr of a priest fed Satan so such evil would not deceive less decisive customers; Eternally for God. What is the Tao?
















Two dead dogs; Pink fern; Two women overlife.


Fern of January; Growing.




Just come here, we have sun sometimes #ReadymadePoetry


Church of Surrealism, I declare.


Plant City Hopewell #ReadymadePoetry


A month is significant only because of the moon. Destroy the moon, you're left with contrived stars.


Every woman I've married, I married within a month; At least in heart, I do swear. Engagement is my dating.


This poem certifies a marriage; Oceans of Nightclad.


Ways, Definitions, Hardship, Joy, Balance, Unity, Mystery


Eternities of: Exercise&rest, Foodtypes&shortages, Foodstores&famines, Breath&assault, Solitude&murder, Creativity&war, Identity&mystery.


Grand, handshaped, truered mahogany fireplace for show; Painting: geisha in babyblue, primrose; Adjacent: whitedoor in colors of struggle.


A little nonchalance to a structure can mean various ends to many means.


You sacrifice, for the sake of a little yellow metal #ReadymadePoetry


Lord Donoughmore still apprehended that the counsel for the Queen meant to do no more... #ReadymadePoetry


The weapon did not have an abort function; if fired, the warhead would explode. #ReadymadePoetry


The unusually small size of the warhead is apparent. #ReadymadePoetry


She came to the conclusion #ReadymadePoetry


I unloaded my glock; Wiped it with a silk cloth; Snuck into bed; Cuddled my W54 nuclear warhead until my eyes became heavy.


A significant girl standing solemnly; Uncomfortable to sit; Fears impoliteness of sorts; Golden cross on shirt.


I have no rational premise except storms of neurological impulses we call emotional whims of paranoia. Unfortunately that's life. I love you


You are impressed by physical distances. Yet you will be unimpressed how a small change in such physics can make any mammal anally retentive


Let it be said: The amount of will & faith that was required for this will be seen as martyresque. Yet I would attest it was FAR too easy.


If my efforts are successful this will seem like a cellphone received in a delivered box of sorts. Unfortunately my causes are banal.


I would be saddened if I were properly deluded but external realities are not my intended concern; Internal stability is; Bought at no price


Truly the choice to see the very blood of this sentence is yours; It requires a sight of reasons of this very machination.


Limits existing, I've called upon new forces to see your request, our request fulfilled; Even your consciousness of this alone is limited.


I fear delusion but I feel our hearts have always been one. Our lives so intertwined, physicality is irrelevant yet a choice.


Do I miss you terribly? From what I can see, you miss yourself terribly. But in that, I miss the you, you wish to be.


Monday night back in 1987, a ghost upon these words.


White door; Panels: Painted dark blue topwise, brown topcenter, yellowcopper bottomcenter, yellow bottom; Protestor with cardboard.




Your vagina is acidic #ReadymadePoetry












I don't care about your money. I don't care about your friends.


Revenir near


Hantera "Identity Theft" de 2005; "Two words," I asked. The ghost spoke.


My unconditional love, my unconditional endorsement extends to delusions.


Proof is worthless compared to what is felt in this moment & the next. The paper will burn along with its dearly held facts.


Less weight than you can carry; Infinite second chances. Don't even apologize when the time comes. Don't even dare.


shadows potential forgetting impossible as impossibility


A hallucination of a surreal, contrasted golden light upon these words: "...we can only speak in dank memes."


This poem affirms the reader.


I know I'm not alone in this feeling, but that doesn't make it any easier. Please help. #ReadymadePoetry


A grammar involving only a colon & a double colon.


Bathroom, Indoors, Outdoors


h Your Business plan the launch of your #ReadymadePoetry


"Hey, off the top of your head, give me two words?" "Forever... alone..." "...?"


Select people drawing one's face as signature


Don't take a job unless you have your own private bathroom, with your own private key.


The Maldives could be Abraham's Heaven.






You remember me as a boy. You're right.


The further from the sea, the higher the wealth?


I ain't gonna call you. You're calling me. My buttons are shot.


Riv Ing Loom


t h e tri,ang: le


expect loud Tejano "concerts" #ReadymadePoetry


com mute public trans it for an easy


faux stainless steel appliances #ReadymadePoetry


ads Leave the behind.




rol oC


Infinite-Decision Firstly; Indecision Secondly; Decision Thirdly


with more forthright you


watered-down, flavorless sauce #ReadymadePoetry #MadMen


I you you you love


to have hold & to


go for type a certain


ferkshire balls


some appreciatedwhere


take time your


wrong what is


talk you i need


ABed 11Tenoit Suivre


8019 Osian A lymp ic Tali fying Quo ur name nts


cork bork coat boat


oeport arror rr ebuse


japan, canada, 'murica; open borders; Everything else is Al-Qaeda


ma lythologie


k-tephen sing


ingent intellivestor


badame mutterfly


lent a setter










Girls left on overnight Greyhound #ReadymadePoetry


"I do not take this lightly," she pouted.


Boyeur of Vliss


Real Star Wars Monopoly; What is real real-estate?


The ghost then spoke through my wife: "Light will always be available," unbeknownst to my wife's conscious perspective.


Irradiating power; Blue storm.


Russian Rhapsody Benedict Eggs; Made with Vodka; MaIsOnNeUveee MONTrealreal


Google it. This isn't opinion. #ReadymadePoetry


Please message the mods on this instead of creating a thread. #ReadymadePoetry


I wanted to post this not because I think its true, but due to how absurd it is. #ReadymadePoetry


This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy. #ReadymadePoetry


Sad: Wet feet.




Atheists: Only potentially wise.


I am the conqueror of all reckonable worlds; What is unreckonable, I shall make reckonable; If I cannot, I shall be as unreckonable.


GReedS Gooodss; Thft godgood.


Fairytls fr4 (francais) mnmoonnoom


Fded in the morninging lighghghghghghghghghghghyt


dscvr yr rtllautiiir


ntrntnl dtetad lnnllne LINELINEline


bck t tp toppp


An An An IdldaEEEl Hsbnd


phn clls


bynd th baord


lE Gal


So, you are ugly? Like ugly men before you, impose your vision of beauty upon others.


Who are you and why are you mean? #ReadymadePoetry




🏥 🍏 💍 🌲 🌊 👕 👤 🌄


Smmnd LLi


Fgrtv artst






Sooought... perSONs


The ultimate questions: Why pay taxes when you're poor? Why not charge taxes when you're rich?


There is a dark.


The spirit is instinct & mercy; Pick one, then pick both.


It's possible she finds her native tongue to be nothing spectacular; & she's not native, she's herself.


I dream of her changing my name to something in her language; The language of the country she owns as monarch.


I see her in my mind's eye. Some call that worship.


%3ahome #ReadymadePoetry


Gently guided her out of her old enclosures into her new ones.


As annoying sounding as she was in 2002. #ReadymadePoetry


Find someone with similar problems; Preestablished relationship.


Bike maintenance rituals on tour #ReadymadePoetry


Toy dogs long to be taken seriously #ReadymadePoetry


We can't repel sadness of this magnitude. #ReadymadePoetry


I love you. You are human as fuck. #ReadymadePoetry


Mhm, indeed. Quite. puffs cigarillo #ReadymadePoetry


If you're working for free, then you're working for free. #ReadymadePoetry


Basically the formula is DinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier * Taming speed = Real taming speed. #ReadymadePoetry


Then just be super casual. #ReadymadePoetry


He said the hardest part was getting insured. #ReadymadePoetry


no immediate upgrades #ReadymadePoetry


The 99 percent thing may have been misinterpreted—I meant it as a joke about the location, not anyone's monetary situation. #ReadymadePoetry


O O_O · Oo Oh ☉ ☼ ☀️


There hasn't been a ferry out for the last few years.


Doors of Stone of course #ReadymadePoetry


I'll never forget the time my wife bought an egg sandwich for her and left me with breakfast bars.


The painting would have been meant as a gift to someone to congratulate them in some way, most likely for a wedding. #ReadymadePoetry


Careful What You Wish For; Golden Seas of Orange Peels; Beautiful Girl; Grasslands Nightstruck of Greensky


eXXXpreSSiiiv manDATE


Punctuation is unnecessary to the wise man; Even the question mark.




I believe in the people I am with more than they believe in themselves: I welcome an equal in this art.


I know not of a government in North America; Only an organization with guidelines, not laws, under kingly decrees of a headless military.


When the military can function without a jury of any kind regulating its criminal judges, there is no united government; Only dictators.




Closing Be Always


Will watching Warren Buffett's favorite movies over & over again make you a billionaire?


I had said, "No Dark"; Suddenly, a car with "DRK" on its license plate passed my home.


I review Miitomo 1.1.2 for Android as a perfect app; It gets me writing with no problems and allows easy bonding with my wife.


Hitler declared darkness to his adversaries; Renamed Germany to Israel and exiled himself from the country; The German people followed.


The last bastion of hope for computing is turning computer programming into a literary art, literally.


Computers are a tool of mindless sleep; So much, I felt tired building my last one; I use only a cheap $300 laptop and the like since.


A good investment destroys its competitors; It's always closing the deal even when the clients aren't born yet.


Honor the forr


Light upon the point of a slice of pizza.


The Cosmmm~


The only time I threaten to get a second or third wife is when my first wife doesn't play board games with me.


Loyalty Earned over $4.20


Life sight; Green?


Scrabble with a strict dictionary of western, occult, magick incantations.


Polyamorous Online Dating: Like licking a doorknob of a Texaco bathroom, after contracting HIV & a new STD from an orgy you barely remember.


Dream for another.


If one truly cares about ethics, convert the most devoted people: Followers of biblical Abrahamic scriptures; Using their language.


She claimed to be a yellow rose of texas; But she was from Michigan or something.


I put on my makeup only when they knew me; I took it off when their knowledge was certainly in question.


What the World needs most is about one more dead language – and one thousand more alive.


By executive order, the congress and senate shall establish a vocabulary, dictionary of 1000 words or less for all legislation; Enforced.


Printed work is for the wannabes. Spoken and doodled folklore is for the players, the legends.


There is religious adultery then there is adultery as typed by your lawyer.


Love it when that happens; An actual love spell that can actually spell love; Hopefully incorrectly.


Finite expenses become infinite when true wealth is realized.


Walked out of the restaurant; Man; I knew he would speak to me; Spoke to me five minutes later; Unable to park.


I am not fucking with you. I am here from downtown. #ReadymadePoetry #GlengarryGlenRoss


Typeface; Spacing; Punctuation; Alphabet; Words; Iconography; Imagery; Arts.


Remember the best sex you've ever had; That's the foundation of your life experience. I'm sorry andor you're welcome.


I dream of being the richest man in the universe; My wife owning everything that I "own;" & my corporate salary being a taco bell gift card.


I look back to people that I have met and I wonder this: Would they tolerate a real game of Monopoly with me?


The definition of relationship defines relationships.


If I had a "religion," it's Dali's Surrealism. I'm Sirius.


Golden R2-D2 at an airport; Firstclass. C-3PO cleans the toilets.


"I see your dwellings; I wonder why you care about one who doesn't step outside." "I do. Yeah, with the ring."




A meal disguised as a sandwich. #ReadymadePoetry


Simple nothings evermore.


She was whatever left I had made innocent.


He paid me. And he forgave the price. For I killed the love he womanized.


The Vertue of the COFFEE Drink. #ReadymadePoetry


Humans seek utopia because every city is a mismanaged, apathetic dump.


Something always called for a father figure within me; Although I already had one: Myself.


Her name calls a pain within me; And it feels like something given to me rather than within me.


Yuki does not equal Yukiko; As Bob does not equal Robert. This is significant.


A lantern so dark it shines the brightest light, that stuns the eyes; Yet it cannot be seen.


I dream of my wife & I holding her as we hold ourselves.


I'm asked by some force to define love in layman form; It's simply greed realizing its opposite; "Where did my wealth come from?"


I don't properly keep secrets; I just reveal portions of them so out of context, that in context one can't be surprised.


It's not your fault if it doesn't rain; You still have to move towards water.


Hearing "call me" as "kami."


When a man becomes his body's ideal, there is not even a planet to stand upon; His seed's will to see himself only as himself.


Life Into My Arrival


Stone age of the queens; Queens age; Stoners don't; But a rock is a rock.


I ask this to you: Why abstain out of politeness?


He writes; The quicker he writes, the quicker the heart. He demands my breath, my conscious gazing; Not common currency. Dear girl. Quicker.


Burning sensations I cannot explain; I cannot exclaim; Why won't he allot me one word to his eardrum. For he comforts in the loudest silence


The nightingale sea; Forlorn hearts emerge; Disparate yet attracted; None understand the combination; Only a fool considers it pity.


It's April 1st. I'm replacing my wife with a barbie doll of a woman that I can replace even faster. Like cellphones.


I've written a lot today because I nearly know in some form that somebody is reading this. I can breathe, smell something not of I. Instinct


"I get a lot of flack; You don't seem to have any to give me. Is that true?" "I can't even consider it. You would be wise to see that."


Born todday--


Lucid dream: On bus in Asia; Old man in front of me shows his infant daughter in gratitude; Hands her to me without question; Sees himself.


Religion, delusion has plagued science since its dawn; & somehow today's astronomy, physics to our current foundations are exempt, "proven".


If one's culture is defined by how they seek to speak, I am Anglo-Saxon.


People wonder why I am not tied to the cultures I was born of; One can note I speak nothing like them.


I hope Trump builds more walls than anybody in history; The graffiti community is going to boom.


Could one play Scrabble with the rule "no words are to be spelled, only nonsense"?


By considering something possible that is not inherently availed, one has displayed some aspect of mystical faith, religion.


St. Peter's Hellfearing Crusade; A martyr hung upside-down, its skeleton somehow screaming in a non-relenting pitch.


The truest power aborts an entire ecosystem of planets before its first cry; This truest power has apparently failed.


Those obsessed with so-called "power" don't eat the goddamn food on their plate; & vomit the little that they happen to taste.


People ask me what happens when we "die" as they call it; "Just another airport," I answer.


I look at airports as bank vaults of precious people, not yet redeemed by voucher.


I am so utterly bored by this world of stamp collectors; Everybody talks of the greatness of postage stamps but none send a goddamn letter.


I did not speak more to the woman because all she wanted to do was spend more time staring at screens. I wanted her breath.


A news commentator so objective, he's the corporate logo on the screen.


I've contemplated material wealth for so long it bores me; Money without relationship-based context may as well be moldy copy paper for me.


They expect you to get a useless paper & hope for handouts; Demeanors of handouts, take for themselves by theft, or worse, self-sufficiency.


The fact our governments leave prisoners to be raped by prisoners; Not prostituted to elite officials, shows they're not willing to rule.


The final language of all sentient beings is either sexual moans or hellish wailing. The middle of this is cosmological cancer.


If a government, society has no sexual life, they are immediately subordinate to what is either willing to rape or romance them.


To avoid subordination to any person, know everything about their sexual life; Whether such is freely shared or not is your moral choice.


I attest that absolute rule of the planet entails a base openness to the possibility (even remote), to being in the bedroom of every person.


Rape is the most divine revelation if you seek such: Knowing people will flee locations of such as far as possible; Wars birthed of such.


If you can't have sex with a person, you shall always be subordinate to their most sexual relationship; Your pay lower than their spouse's.


The final & most utopic meal you can share with people is sex; It is the base tasting & feeding mechanism over a long enough timeline.


When you don't share meals with people, you are always a foreigner in their mind; You're never there when they are most relaxed, vulnerable.


I never control people directly; Such is an illusion; I'll simply use dining & what I put in my mouth as evasive method. No meals, no bond.


I avoid people not over emotional politics but when they eat shit food & drink crappy water. These habits may coincide with their politics.


The finest literature.


Using a surrealist form of thought & mathematics, neckbeards created a digital currency that doesn't require cryptography.


Married; Worked together; Storybook things; Most especially, we loved. The main plot, however, involves something nearing sexual addiction.


Anything completed as intended after 10 years is a miracle; Anything completing within a 10 year plan is especially miraculous.


Incremental strategy is a strategy?


I'm close – We’ll get us there.


True property is whatever that embodies so much of your identity nobody would think to use it; Like your toothbrush or feces.


Cracklingg Chips


Arm & Hammer ADVANCE Antiperspirant UNSCENTED of the year 2016 (can't say for else), is the best goddamn deodorant in the world.


Gold upon bicycle.


Looks like East Houston #ReadymadePoetry


European people generally do not reproduce; The Middle Eastern cultures reproduce by religious decree. Europe, its languages, truly dead.


Eurabia as greater concept, inspired by vast terrorism across the European continent caused by US instigation; Are we not at World War 3?


Stark red door upon a dark, dull-green wall; Oozing heat of a love unrelenting yet captured & coiled beneath furnaced layers of the heart.


I could only dream of seeing her at an airport.


There is only one Taco Bell in Montreal. I'm going to it tomorrow. Pseudo-Mexican food once managed by a British man is significant.


My ideal woman since the age of puberty, whether I liked it or not, was nearing her 30s or 50s.


You're not far; I'm not that alone.


My wife & I discuss adding another person to our marriage only to contemplate how infidelity is irrationally inefficient, if so "necessary."


I await the day of my birth every month to not only count my age but to slow my months into tiny lifetimes; Savoring them as eventful meals.


I expect many people from my long lost past to contact me to see if I remember them. They often forget the moments that I, indeed, remember.


Sometimes I won't reply to emails to see if the person really gives a damn. I wish that they send the message again. Most don't give a damn.


Everybody is my friend, just at varying distances.


For the past few weeks, I haven't spoken about Bitcoin for there is nothing to say; The price is currently the output of a slot machine.


Drinking mediocre coffee; Suddenly, irrationally looked over my shoulder; A woman on a videogame forum; Zelda screenshots; My childhood.


While this is not provable, one can be led to believe human flesh communicates something that plastic & silicon cannot.


I cannot see with my eyes any longer as this sense has been the most corrupted by words. The words themselves negotiable.


Hope begins.


Could one simulate a personality of another by simply not using the words they do not use?


United States is plural. Awkward.


I've sought her only for the surprises she would bring; No definition.


If I dined alone, I would walk out of a restaurant if I wasn't at least spoken to in less than 5 minutes.


Light upon a trinity; Exposing duality, Unveiling the newest, truest unity.


My earliest childhood was founded in the poorest place in the United States; With hidden existences of segregation. How did this affect me?


Enchanted towers; She watched farthest; Smoke signals from the penthouses call her name; Not of hope but of personal gain, personal games.


Silicon Valley is a place of magnificent wealth as much as telegraph, typewriters & landline phones are guaranteed investments.


A light upon 'real; Her love in my city; A city I will make hers.


You will fail to be shy with me by these very words.


I never want to go to Quebec City again unless it's the year 2100 and it's a borough of Montreal; The orchards a national park.


I've seen horrors, perhaps delusions; Scarier realities. Science has nothing upon foundations of its vocabulary.


Information Technology of Y Sussudio. Appended Intent.


I miss her. Delusions are acceptable. Delusions seen as opposites; Reality inevitable & dearly, sorely loved.


A light upon explicit; As well as snow; The flakes as razors.


You go to QuebecCity to assume great food but find yourself only eating nationalism; While distracted, you're served yesterday's cold pastry


Blessed are those who are comforted; For they shall be mourned.


The whole & empty, his end & ideal.


Bedside breaking; Forlorn marriages of potential released to winds of great expectations. Apparently Mr. Darcy.


Without honesty, you will always remain right where you are; With honesty, you will embrace where you are.


He who will not eat, neither shall he work nor fight; Eat richly, all shall be rich.


I told her to come here at any cost. I also told her money was unnecessary and so was her strife. I think she listened if I am her mystic.


Cursed are the Whiter Than Snow, they shall be bled lambs of some god.


I await her contact. I don't know... when, how. I expect nothing yet everything.


Secret archive of paedophile #ReadymadePoetry #Horror


Futurist Zen: NoDark; NoTime; NoColor; NoObjects; NoNo.


"I see you but I don't see me," she said. I responded, "I'll play peekaboo in your absence."


"If you're my boss, fire me." Then that's when you assume authority over your life, one way or another. You're welcome.


I am owed the Sun; I know not of the Earth.


I ruled a church just to see the security guards march. Are they meditating?


I love you even though you don't see I see you.


We can share dreams & daydreams; Especially in churches; Delusion can, can, can exist.


Gods&Theft; Idols&Fraud; Vanity&Envy; Holiday; Parents; Murder; Adultery.


I'm a Montrealer; I'm not sure if I will ever be allowed to be a Quebecer.


Caressing obedience.


Whispers of another: "I miss feeling comfortable with myself around people when they werent so bitter; I wish I was treated as young again."




If you can guess my reasons, blind instinct and intuition fueled all this. That is if you can guess my reasons.


"I know of everything you proposed to me; I wish you messaged me more but we didn't have common interests." No, we had everything to share.


From grave to cradle; Corpse to infant.


No, I do not forget people. Ever. People put stuff into my subconscious; I intend to become my subconscious as I intend to become myself.


You die many times then flop like a fish.


Taste of pudding; No pudding here; Tasting foreign candies; No foreign candies; I taste sweet & spicy noodles I wish I had yet never had.


I no longer have insecurity. I do have the dream of every-- as a potential of mine. I am always the lawyer of your devils.


The bridge; Looked at the skyline; Pyramid building caught my eye; Walked away a bit; A plane with a trinity of lights; TRULY BUT (!) one.


I often get visions of selling boring things for lots of money. I have a friend that explains them to my wife in a girly, non-boring way.


Her name is Yuki; Maybe; Male? I don't know; I assume no knowledge about people; Mysterious people are free people; My favorite.


I want it so I may protect it; I shall bond with it but the distance of mind & body has made this a gamble of love; Man's adulterant.


Unchurched Activism; Black


I am not even a gamer. I simply sleep, slip into dreams that I am quite good at. I want to play a game of love with you & those who love you


I have bowed in churches I have never been; Spoken tongues that are of no sensible word; But I am not a Christian.


I can see you now. Not consciously but by the hands of god, a god I consider worthy of my consideration; Perhaps this god is even yourself.


Drama queen is mean unless she is seen with a certain sheen; Not a sheen of truth but of hope.


The mind is truly layman; The man that lays truly mind.


You can love me when your hands are warm.


I use rubber bullets; I am vegetarian; Wait no... vegan.


Today I set the foundation: Pitch black, absolutely perfect darkness to anything that brings in less than $100 a day; Now & forever.


I conquered the church; As a symbolic engagement ring


Longdistance relationships that stay longdistance more than a month are likely to fail, unless by societal authority andor an act of god.


Rasputin Parliament


Today is my birthday: The 20th. I was born on the 20th of a month and I am thus another month old: 266 months old.


Incremental agreement; Studious trophy


This I have done by an utterly blind faith, for similar reasons of breathing. Hard to tell why we do such a foolish thing.


I seek you out, not of obsession but of a desire to release obsession if there is any had... on either end.


Just come home. We have everything. We won't kick you out. We aren't your parents. And if we try to be, KICK US OUT.


I'm surrounded by women & reminded masculinity doesn't exist; A man's goal is destruction, self-destruction; But then there's penis envy.


Lucky Strike is great. Meeting adjourned. #ReadymadePoetry #MadMen


Don't trust a government's so-called people with money, if you can't trust their government with money nor its production. Trust nonpatriots


A government isn't its people; It's a body of those who are willing to mentally, bodily fight for or against it. Nonfighters are just people


A paper dog beckoned: "Show me a ring." A voice quipped: "But it is already on my finger and you have not a hand to wear it." "Next time."


Quality is focused; Budgetary focus is its anti-thesis; Budget is starvation; Starvation of the body or mind can cause mental damage.


A paper dog; Kneehigh; Walks upon dirty carpet and decides to become a little girl; Cropped black hair; Shimmering of metropolitan vitality.


A government's social assistance is often a glorified casino.


Hard work is for the animals; Those whom tell people and animals not to work: Humanity's finest and last. Survival is for mouths unsewn.


A black swan; It cried wine from its beak and eyes; Few drank it.


A beautiful white swan at my front door; Dying of internal disease; All bones broken; Smelling of fatigue. Asks for water in a wine glass.


One day, Gekko decided to dismantle corporations not for profit, but to end crappy workplaces; Made even more enemies.


If I break, buy a new one; If I buy, break one of your new ones.


Wherever I; I respond internally.


Wherever my love is: It will find you.


Thriftstore coat; Darkbrown; For a child much younger. Bag repaired with rolls of duct tape; Yet traveled in a flash; Vomiting golden light.


The Illuminati failed because it slept through Hatha Yoga lessons in the mornings.


All corruption, dishonesty is cured when one decides to stop lying to themselves while ceasing worship of all delusions.


All Together Now: Hi nervous pause wince I thought I would speak to you cringe cringe wince nervous space & pause


Soon I will leave death and this body will have no meaning.


The great masters spoke of femininity; They did not speak of this.


When someone made you feel special yesterday and behaves as if you don't exist today, try talking to them. They might feel likewise.


All stratas display for soldier lovers. #ReadymadePoetry


The old teachings; The universe didn't even blink as planets, stars; Golden oceans roaring without ceasing; ONE ENDLESS STREAM OF THOUGHT.


Are you ready to see me yet? The seams undone, the curtains torn.


Aliens landed; Biology of light; Cartoon characters; Science capitulated to Duchampism.


I've crowned her. She has yet to claim it.


Straight eye; Smelling of... nail polish; Rapids of mascara.


There are many worlds, but only one land.


If you practice making crap for 10,000 hours, you will only be an expert at making crap for hours on end.


Why do you chew gum?


& leave the dog-eat-dog world of certified public accounting. #ReadymadePoetry #PeeWeesBigHoliday


Mount the objective; Objective, The Mount.


First time speaking to him; To him, first time speaking.


Vidya: Hinduism or Game? Set & Match--


But the face hides his prince


I held the rock: "Possess him but freely." Miraculously, he responded: "Your prayer has been answered."


Secret marriage ceremony; Secrecy undone as wine; Vinegar to most.


My wife always thought she was.


Assume you're right; Hit send; If you're false, the person has poor vision; Because you obviously exist. To me at least.


You miss anything you feel; Feeling this; Nothing is amiss.


With no hands, I watch you.


I do not contemplate having my romance within the year, nor the month. That's business. When it happens right now... Now that's personal.


Lidded canister; Oceans of truth.


I walked out of the boutique market of freshest foods; Yet my mind went stale: Existence of one unseen; Human flesh calling yetn't knowing.


Stunned & speechless; I went home.


Your whys will not serve purpose; You, dear reader, might as well contemplate the reasons of the letter Y.


You're not only loved; You're known. Y not WHY.


Your name of lost footprints in snow; The letters which I parse, hoping for your essence breeding within thy syllables & rests.


Y is for U when only roads & not phones will do. Y is truly for you, not forgotten you. The Y etched on foreheads.


The sight of his written words are not true sight. Poetry is fictional fiction. I daydream. I DAYDREAM. Truly, my day is night.


I. Could he be concerned about such a letter? He sees tears flowing from a table's edge. Jetaime; The jet aims.


He could not be aware of my viewing; None is so concerned about I; For I could not be concerned about such a letter.


Durations; Even after 9PM; 9AM; Whitest.


She could stand; He paused for longer; His silence stung; He did not touch her until it hardly mattered.


Vitality from where there is none; Not even desert; Not even space; A single moment paused for longer than any prison sentence.


Government property under a defunct government.


Whispers from shadows-- Mr. Orange lamented, "The One of Y Summons; Two paths; One more uncertain than the next."


Cross the worlds between the gaps &&& engage; A Y written in snow; It's history: Hooks.


Fear imposing; Fear breathing; Just breathe; Every consequence you evade.


In a land brimming with mere chance, could that really be merely hollow?


We are amidst strange lands, in a strange being.


Why not help a lonely journey upon what is other--


I have a moment, if you have a proposition.


Our intertwining appears to be our fates fates fates.


"You don't look far from it, Hollow."


YORKSHIRE; Thy shire; In simplest simple syrups. Of the very large red hen, whom never laid; Only gestating dreams.


Same to the arrival of the same, who came, who went, who returned, returning; Returning solely with choice yet frozen yet forever moving.


Winning only of thoughtoughthought


Is Human Evolution stilll Occurringg? All Bodyy Modification Subbbmissionons~~




Laughter devilish.


If I don't swallow, I don't love.


There is abyss in the power.


A designer of time itself; But only for the children.


From roots, to seeds--


A chef that eats only McDonald's, will in some form, be only able to cook McDonald's; I say this with no criticism.


Thhhat face--


O Montreal: Begged to buy comedy tickets under the threat that said bum might kill themselves; Then being damned to hell. Please visit!


You can villainously conquer everything by simply refusing to eat, refusing to breathe yet remaining alive & hypocrite; Antinirvana.


You can benevolently conquer any household, any town, any country, any planet just by abstaining from eating food that sucks.


If an employer, teacher offers you teachings that cannot be applied within a month by your own will, you're filling your time with rot.


Many will birth in the future whom will mourn the "enslaved," the "employed", the "interned"; Yet restrict themselves internally, further.


First there was "son"; Then there was "slave"; Shortly after, "employee". Now we have "intern" or "university student".


A day's work; All stems from mere shitpostings.


Throwing kleenexxx--


Is gold never unique?


Flowers aagain.


Death is a fool's errand; The galaxy yours.


A dark sea brimming of a type of antiquities; Some say: "Only dreams."


Yosemiiite: Lost flyer.


'91: Citrus of boardwalks.


Time travel; Physical dreams.


I see her face to this day without a single photograph.


I could die of boredom or holster up my guns. #ReadymadePoetry #MadMen


Next time, just have one meeting. #ReadymadePoetry #MadMen


If there is no soul, then why is telecommunication second-rate?


Crying over the life of a politician or "celebrity" you've never ate a true meal with is archaic, unintelligent, submissive pack behavior.


Unconscionable to be denied my choice of food; Relinquishing myself to forced feeding by any method my only true form of protest in prison.


Why one would choose to accept the lowest security & submit to a general prison population & not solitary confinement? I choose safety.


I will always CHOOSE solitary confinement & forced feeding while in imprisoned situations; Such I cannot endorse by compliance as possible.


Any social media site that does NOT display posts in chronological order is DEAD to me.




Good friends eat good food together; Bad food ruins friendships.


Yukonn Ggallery.


You don't live with scoundrels; You don't work with scoundrels; Don't like a sector of a market? Don't work with it again; Scorched Earth.


I do not "take" people as my comrades; They come on their own accord; Or they do not come as themselves at all; Even nervous flesh provided.


She screams & wails occultic symbolisms of belief; No, BELIEVE! I don't even scream knowledge. I scream presence as the only gift, strife.


A stable marriage of a trinity of peoples makes a country; Yet the winds speak only humilities; Not even a whisper.


She claimed religion; I knew her before she even spoke; She justly claimed religion but my church is quarantined; All truths truth. O vidya.


People speak of ugliness, imperfection, fallibility. I do not know it; For upon such supposed delusions of darkness; Apparitions of gold.


Feeling panicked hunger; No, longlasting thirst; Yet it does not drink; But I still come to aid without; A; Flinch. My response everlasting.


Scenes of Kansas; Boring, nonsublime expanses; Yet a call for vidya, fictional war; To cope; Desolation quintessential.


Her location is of no concern to me; Nay; For miracles transcend spatial reason.


I feel the sorrow in my mind; Yet it proclaims to not be my own; The unconscious of another.


I saw her; I healed her with my sight; I still see her; Yet she believes of her erasure.


I wish I had a fish; Is a ghost a fish?


I see you; ICU... What's the difference? ...No this isn't a threat; Unless you're a threat to yourself...?


Crisp yellow sunesque; Molten plastic of another era; Against a haunted purple horizon; Pixels sear the mind; Constructs well-done. Sunless.


Her self-debasement; Veiling it through the debasement of others; Her executioner's mask conceals another mask; Numbed truth; Dull blades.


She lost her identity long ago; Like a soldier; No, a fictional soldier; Plastic rifle; The deaths don't count; Aggression neon-- pink--


She crawled against the church ground; All criticized her; She pointed to poetry; They called her Satanic.


We took care of her; We whisked her towards fresh air in her time of need; Rather than the truest darkness.


Give me two words. "Education; Tightroper."


True grapes; Undecided lemons; Overpriced cutting board.


Total Violation of Immanuel's Laws: Money is a god that none shall be worthy.


Violation of Immanuel's First Law: Under the demands of taxation and legal tender laws, everyone and everything is a well-paying customer.


Immanuel's Fifth Law: You can never know how well your client pays themselves and others until you take them out to dinner.


Immanuel's Fourth Law: The key to always getting paid well, is to be paid by those who never pay poorly and whom never accept poor payment.


Immanuel's Third Law: Any thought can be sold for any amount of money.


Immanuel's Second Law: Any object can be sold for any amount of money.


Immanuel's First Law: The vast majority of customers will pay poorly.


I feel her cry indefinitely; Her nature indefinitely unknown; My consciousness she becomes. How's the weather?


Emergency responding to emergency.


Claims addiction; Simply add joy; Temperance inherent yet denied.


I have dreams unseen; Hidden towers; Corresponding keys; Yet I need a lockmaker?


The plane goes left; Yet it goes right. I've never traveled......


I see him; I am attracted; I do not care......


Leftcorner office; Leaning tower.


Sheepless tower; Stolen copper.


Life unstable; Airplanes.


The brightest stars are the most humble, rotting fruits.


Knowledge is for the sheep; Oh no!


Great flame is water; Smile.


Space:1980 #ReadymadePoetry


Tell me two words. "Porcupine; Trampoline."


O Contrived Gallance.


O Menacing Wind.


Her identity is known; Let the waters of time flow.


Motivational Quote: "Get up." -Solid Snake


"Earning what you're worth" keeps you at minimum wage and your child starving; Taking what you need prevents this; Charge without limit.


People speak of earning things. I don't see much to earn when money is given out like candy when youre boating buddies with central bankers.


fresh-frozen in Hawaii #ReadymadePoetry


Of course you could make it... .....but why bother? #ReadymadePoetry


When a man say it's is good! #ReadymadePoetry


An Absolutely New Product #ReadymadePoetry


Costs More- Worth it! #ReadymadePoetry


Shit happens; Darkness covers.


There are many people I miss; There are perhaps fewer than I can count on one hand that I could contact but need a reason to.


Suffering for truth is overrated especially when your suffering leads to neurosis, greater mental illness & death.


Those who suffer for a so-called "higher truth" may often find themselves kneeling before some form of a cross, even when they're atheists.


I talk to my wife about everything, everyone I love in every regard. If you can't do this with your partner, why suffer?

#311A review: Why so many menus? Hire a user interface designer. Please. 2/5 stars. However, I still hypocritically use your app.


Understated power.


ID; Pink neon; Underage yet 30ish.


I truly miss her yet without clear logic. It's as if I feel her missing me; & I become her echoes. What becomes of me? A bird with a song.


The essence of meditation is not a literal clearing of your mind but not interfering with it at all; See silence in the greatest noise.


Always feel what you love, even when it's not clearly had. It's better than letting it rot in your subconscious along with your mind itself.


"Sir, your heartbeat is too loud, your breath too fast. You're infringing on my right to pretend you don't exist." #FutureHorror


Watch the end credits of Deadpool (2016) & say with a straight-face they shouldn't make a new Deadpool styled as Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


Ray-Bans for girls who watch back #ReadymadePoetry


Buy It Because It's a Better Car #ReadymadePoetry


There are spaceships that go to other planets with alien life; Then there are "submarines" of infinite depth. Do you "know" EARTH'S CENTER?


I kneel before all & ask that you may, may not kneel in any moment; This is my definition of authority.




Unstrung; Inconsiderate; Bent; Hellraisers.


Zelatrix; Veils; Loosening; Jokes.


Zoom: Vineyards; Legacy; Jerks.


When you have more than two people in a relationship that is successful, you no longer have individuals but all essential parts of one body.


All consenting & "mature," he borrows money from one after pity sex & uses it for an engagement ring to marry the other. #PolyamoryBookClub


Some have many sexual relationships in hierarchy, each with secrets, distinctions & don't call it infidelity; No, "it's polyamory."


I am not poor; I just lack the proper outlets of creative exploration.


Zenercard; Vices; Living Journalism.


Zoloft; Veins Latent; Jetlag.


Zonda Vehicle; Late; Jam.


Hailing taxis; The fabric red, purple yet at-once entirely green. Music unheard yet heard in all times; Hindi & 101st Century English.


A feeling of movement! No! A feeling of transit! No! A feeling of the Earth, the Sun shaking endlessly! Galactic coils unraveling!


Mesmerizing turn of events: All occurs at once yet as chosen. We are forever young not only in body but in atomic constraint.


Zale Voodoo; Lantern Jack.


The forsakenment of endless glances is impossible for thy glance can never be revoked; But ever seen in its choice; Singular yet all.


Red horizons: Speak clearly so that I may hear. I beckon your winds so I can force my sight upon endless glances. I hail in the loudest.


Ethereal; A purple line appearing across the back of his flesh; Shoulder; Toe; Then a purple hazy mist; Oblivion a la The Purple Sword.


Reckless abandonment, yet indignant; Simply sitting while holding the greatest weapon: A mere flashlight on the world's oceans.


The room was empty. White. The cold burned. Suddenly red. Hot red. Only red. Gold. Hotcold.


Ziment; Vocal; La Juvenescence.


Largest sea; Levitating openair.


Zoneless; Vinyl; Leprechaun's Jolly.


Zols; Volume Loudest; Junkfood.


Zines; Vials; Limitless Jeopardy.


Never dazed; Seeing warmth; In so-called "cold"; A woman's "cold" shoulders; Wailing supernovas.


Why have a sense of direction? As for me, I have no real need for this concept. No, I do not have a proper sense of direction in life.


Zaire; Vulcanized Legislated Japanophile.


Zyxt? Vile Languishing Junction.


Zingers; Venting; Lavishment; Juniper.


Bitcoin can return to its former value without any reasoning given to its last decline, incline and the decline before that? A silly idea.


Zawnesque Valleys; Ladyhood January.


Zazzling Vixen Lady-J: Please visit; No judgement; Loving talk; Voluminous praise; Endless adventure.


Zimzam: Vines Lovingly Jettisoned.


Zaim Viperous; Lacerations; Jetfuel...


Still learning French with Scrabble... My score has improved from 108 to 121 points. Will I become fluent through this? Stay tuned.


As Stalin and Lenin are still worshiped, so may Donald J. Trump after his first, second or even third term... No endorsement here.


Zany Velvet Libertine Jokers.


Given news of economic uncertainty, or perhaps even certainty of some major change in its code, Bitcoin will eventually reach $200, again.


I'd say Bitcoin, in the next week or so, just may be caught around the $375 mark for an indefinite period.


Bitcoin is currently caught in a confusion without a clear trend at $390-$400. It will crash if it knows what's good for it.


Zapper; Vespers; Lit Jello.


Zamia; Vibrancy Limitless; Jives....


Zymotic Vitrolic Lifeless Jasper.


Zillionaire; Vikings Lusting; Jovian.


Zero-G; Voluptuous; Lifeline; Jazzcore.


Zafu; Vegetation; Lilacs; Japanese.


Zither; Violence; Lashing; Jointing.


Zealand; Vicarious; Lamenting; Jezebel.


Zippers; Valor; Luck; Jackrabbits.


Bitcoin has now sunken past $400 to $390~. Where will it go from here? Stay tuned.


Godfearing Canadians.


Zebra... Velocipede; Laughing Jaundice.


I cannot deny as a true denial cannot even be spoken of.


My purpose in life is no purpose; My emotions are this human body alongside the universe being as they dream & wish.


Zzz... Vicodin; Lemonzest; Jewelesque.


A week's work never ends as long there is "week."


There is not one chair without a soul.


A dead man is permanently asleep; Yet it seems some are asleep and only perhaps awake.


Zion; Valiant; Lackluster junkie.


Zaildars; Venus; Lemons; Jelly.


Bitcoin is now sinking to $400. Let's hope it completely dives as I predicted happening at the end of last month. Better late than never.


If Trump is kicked from the Republican ballot, don't be surprised if he wins as an independent candidate; This I do not necessarily endorse.


Zenith; Velocity; Lexicon; Jolene (1973).


Zealous violins; Lamenting Judges.


There is much always hidden; However, it remains seen in what is seen; Truly remaining.


Apparently my wife creates designs that are "too clean." A wise man once said: "Ugly sells."


Between Waves; Never Die.


Best of all: The Recurring.


All in All; Retro Futuristic Sounds Revisited; White Prism.


Total Loss; Future Unlimited; Extended Play.


Reddit is very impressed by the idea of intelligence agencies spamming bitcoin; Not even the tip of the iceberg; Small arms < Nuclear arms.


Mickey Mouse Operation; In A Restless House; Out of Touch.


My prediction was false. Bitcoin did not capitulate below $400 today but it shall, hopefully, capitulate as stated in 2 more weeks or less.


Fewest characters; Truest literature.


Simple theory: The premise of Bitcoin's cryptography being sound has always been false and every momentum of success is owed a downfall.


The Bitcoin network is currently congested. I don't think this is relevant to its downfall. I just think Bitcoin has been very overpriced.


I previously predicted Bitcoin would go below $400 by the end of this month, Feb. I stand by my bet to the very end. For the honor!


Played French Scrabble today knowing minimal French. Ended up learning some French. It's cool.


I am considering how I would learn any language just through its Scrabble edition; So much humility...


It's 5:33AM EST, Feb. 25th: Bitcoin is @ $425~ USD. By the end of this month, Feb., Bitcoin will be at less than $400.


The only "government," "morality" & "laws" I can see are the breathing people in my home & bedroom.


Food for thought: Nonintertemporally, a sex tax per sexual act of any kind is what kills taxes altogether.


I sometimes just ask for my next home to be the best; Infinitely applied.


I sometimes just wish for the 2010s and the 2020s to be the best decades ever; An all-encompassing wish; Applied infinitely.


Today is my birthday: The 20th. I was born on the 20th of a month and I am thus another month old: 265 months old.


Blood; Citrus; Gold; Grass; Sea; Dye; Unique of This; Nightday.


Longest hair; Brightest eyes; Loudest mouth; Craftiest hands; Pickiest stomach; Most fashionable; Highest romance; In the name of the hair.


Male; Female; Androgynous; Male & Female; Male & Male; Female & Female; Female & Androgynous; Male & Androgynous.


The door was suddenly closed. Luggage was placed. The bags containing little.


The door was suddenly open. The loudest scream pierced through its hull. Was there not one being that could not hear it as my own?


A subway ride with few passengers makes the slowest passage of time: You expect fast-paced movement, change and get none; Same faces.


Wife in-tow, went to a Young Galaxy concert @ Fairmont Theatre @ Mile End, Montreal midnight; after a light french meal & espresso. Yep.


Choice of environment; Choice of body; Choice of food; Choice of friends; Choice of governments; Choice of revolution; Choice of planet.


The "Hey, I exist app!": Enables you to speak to anyone within 10 meters of your device, to start REAL conversations nearby.


Bitcoin is the idea that its protections can't be thwarted by any authority. No military has the hidden capacity to break Bitcoin? Bullshit.


The silliness. The resolute silliness. The man sits in front of a window of his soul & he resents it all in the greatest indecision; Pixels!


I laughed. I cried. I simmered. I saw! Light! No wait... I only saw! For there is... no... darkness. Not in this continuum at least.


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🔫 EST. 2016 🍒

  • 🏡 First Homes: Bell County, TX; Madison County, MS; Williamson County, TX; Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal; Travis County, TX.
  • 🏡🏡 Future Homes: Outremount, Montreal; St. John, US Virgin Islands.

//A federalized country is not a home; It's where you send your taxes.

  • 📬 Actual telegram or snail mail: 125 Cedar Elm Lane; Georgetown, TX (78633).

//I do not sign contracts & I only do business by deposit & retainer. Minimum bet is $10K (additional fees may apply). You're welcome.

  • 💸 Founded the r/Bitcoin reddit; Transferred it to reliable hands, allowing it to operate to this day.
  • 🎎 Indefinitely maintaining a stable, happy marriage since 2 years, from the age of 19.
  • 👔 Never taken a subordinate position; personal, educational or business, since 2013 & onward.
  • 🍴 Indefinitely training in the art of disciplined gastronomy, food tourism.
  • 🎨 Indefinitely training in the critique of fine art & fine literature.
  • 💇 I have not cut a single strand of hair on my head since 2013 & I never intend to going forward.
  • 🐵✏️ Indefinitely training in the art of fine writing, with a fine-tuned hatred for linguistic structure.
  • 🏦 No long-term debt, no mortgage & no credit since 1994, and until the end.👎

  • If you can judge my education, come down here & teach me one-to-one.
  • Those that I deem worthy as being my teacher, eat many, many fine meals with me.
  • I am willing to learn anything as long as I can learn it freely at home, person-to-person.
  • I wouldn't declare my diplomas even if I had every postgrad degree.