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The question is not clear so thus my answer is probably word salad to some.

A friend has asked me: "Why have a sense of direction?"

The fact of the matter is that "direction" does exist as a human concept: "A course along which someone or something moves."

As long as one perceives a course and things, we have this sense of movement, direction.

I do not believe our lower wildlife, we call animals, have this and they do just fine. (Otherwise, prove it.) We can live in a primal state without this state, concept of direction and its purposes; Our bodies can automatically feed and sustain through various scavenging methods.

Given this, why would one have a sense of direction? For some it would seem to bring a sense of honor to hold onto specific points of the timeline of one's life and herald them as great points of worship. I can only say this exists unto itself, the greatest meaning of this being another point along a line following another "greater meaning."

The reason for direction is circular. You get very gooey, overtly-intuitive, religious mumbo-jumbo attempting to give a meaning to direction and a meaning to life.

A friend has also asked me: "Aren't you just defined by what your parents have taught you? Their proposed direction?" I acknowledged this as so. He then in some form or another asked me: "Have you tried exploring various types of religions?" I previously had but instead I said, "I will be open to such and the infinite forms of knowledge that await me." Still the question was pushed: "How shall you explore and experience the directions of life?"

The truth is I don't believe this question demands an answer as it is inherently done: The concept of direction will exist and it will apply to me in any which way, with its various forms of purposes fueling it.

So I point the question to you: Why have a sense of direction? As for me, I have no real need for this concept. No, I do not have a proper sense of direction in life.

There are various activities I do in life but I not hold them as having metaphysical meaning so far as to define my life as a course by which I move, nor do I say such conception has high relevance.